Monday, October 8, 2012

"You can't make another game like this?!" 1-2

Project Leader / Onoda Hiroyuki 
You can’t make another game like this!?

Nice to meet you everyone, I am the chief developer Mr. Onoda.
By the time this diary comes out, you should all just about have the software in your hands.

I’m now at a place where I can calmly look back at the development of “Ace Combat 3 – Electrosphere“. So please bear with me as I do so.

2 years ago, “Ace Combat 2” was able to get a good reputation as a flight shooting game. Do you remember the TV commercial?
The catch phrase boasted “You can’t make another game like this”
At the time we’d said “Hey now, you can’t say that. How’re we supposed to follow it up?”

Of course this time we are aiming to improve it. We knew it would be a real challenge. And so with great enthusiasm we got started. 

First of all our staff had to consider what we could do to traverse “2”.
Along with the main aim of improving the feeling of flying, we also wanted to strengthen various elements of the game such as playability, graphics and size. As the latest game in the series all of those needed consideration(and of course we improved them all), but we also wanted to bring out more emotional parts of the game. Particularly bringing out the feeling of really being a pilot.

Up until now you just needed to clear missions to continue the game and things such as, why you were flying, why you were fighting, who was in your surroundings and how you could get involved were mostly all set parts of the game
However, along with the decision to enhance the genuine piloting experience, this time the staff set out to create an entire world and bolster the storyline.

Continued in part 2


  1. Very interesting read thanks!

  2. Hi Dragon, I got word that an anonymous translator found the english font inside the JP game file, it's all a matter of hacking the rom and swapping the text. Do you now anything about it?

  3. "November 9, 2012"?

  4. Seems quite interesting. Was this from some kind of website or gaming magazine back then ?

  5. Hi "AnonymousOctober 10, 2012 11:43 PM",

    Please contact us - we'd be intrested to hear more about it.

    Our email is on:


  6. That's all well and good but what about rom hacking?

  7. I've found one fun thing between Great teacher onizuka and Ace combat 3 XD
    it's my video ;) :

  8. If you want to do rom hacking, please add option to turned off music in game and option to play music player just like in US version.

    I'm still playing the game, I may already beat the game about 8-10 times... with emulator. I still like to see delphinus 3 fly...

  9. So I take the project is dead then?

  10. Привет ребята! Скажите, игра на английском языке будет или нет? А то бла-бла-бла, а результатов не видно.

  11. Last comment april 20th.
    Project nemo is kill

  12. I hope this project is not dead...

  13. Please please I love Ace Combat 3
    Please finish this project!

  14. It can't be true, you guys HAVE to do this! This game is the best game I've ever played! Please tell me you are working on it! There is TONS of fans that wanna see this project come to an end!