Thursday, June 1, 2017

EAPN Top News 7 #29

  • Published: Military of USEA post here, expanded Let's Play of M03, also updating old posts such as this one;
  • I'd like to thank Blogger for deleting this year's State of the Project with their buggy dashboard, this is me when I found out;
  • other than that mishap there's a lot of stuff in the pipeline for the project and some all-new posts coming up too, the first of which goes up tomorrow.


  1. I come back every few months and am always surprised to see you guys still going strong. Now THAT's some dedication. Cheers.

  2. Love the Military of USEA post. I converted Ace Combat’s levels, and I could try to take high-resolution snapshots of the USEA headquarters (like those: ...

    1. Happy to hear someone enjoyed that post, thanks, Also, I've seen your thread before, good job on your digging into AC3's files, those high-res maps especially