Sunday, June 18, 2017

Introducing Krishty's model viewer

Some months ago I was checking the blog's analytics and I found that it had received some traffic from a German forum. Curious enough to check, I discovered the work of a developer who had a particular interest in AC3 and its models.
Wanna see something really cool?

Introducing the new model viewer for AC3 maps and aircraft, made by Krishty from the ZFX developia forums at

Unlike the model display that Namco left out of AC3E (see here), with this program you can view all aircraft, both flyable and unflyable, as well as the maps themselves, all in high resolution.

Some screenshots and introductory comments:

View all planes, here you can see the highly detailed player model
Use your mouse to move the camera, such as panning and zooming in and out
You can view everything, even vehicles you can't use in-game
Front view of the X-49 Night Raven
Rear view
See alpha, beta and final versions of maps...
...and without LOD or fog
You can zoom in right down to the smallest detail, with perfect definition
With Krishty's permission, here is a link to his model viewer, so try it and see for yourself, you'll be amazed, guaranteed!

DISCLAIMER: this program is fan-made, free and is not for profit, it is made with the sole intention of allowing others to get a better look at the game. We will respect the wishes of the rights holders Bandai-Namco whatever they may be.


  1. Well, first one, i like to say a huge thanks to Kristy for having dedication of decompressing the AC3 models, was not so long time i was searching into USEA today looking for the recent news of the project, and on the recent EAPN top news i see Kristy talking about his site. i already was so goosebumps with Fabian who discovered the Extra Menu and the Model Display, which make my dreams come true of seeing some of the "half" of AC3 models in 360 view like AC2 have it. however, thanks by Kristy, now we have a great look into all we already have seen on Model Display, with a little more and with the maps of it too, along with the Scrapped missions maps(like Alpha/Beta Expo City and Megafloat Beta). once more i like to thank so much for Kristy, for his dedication of researching the game files, and also like to thank to you, Dragonspike and all members of Team Nemo, not so long time when the IE released with the two discs, i patched and burned them on CD´s to play on my PS2, finishing all the 5 endings again, and understanding more about the story of the game which was the door for me to know the Ace Combat series and still like them today. keep going with the next news about the project, and thanks for showing support, from a old project which on the beginning was translating text only, to today, who make their dream of a Translation Patch become a reality.

  2. This is amazing, I'm checking this out!

  3. Is it possible to replace the 3D models of the game?

  4. Technically, yes. Practically,
    1. we'll have to wait until I publish all format specifications
    2. you'll need to find someone who writes a converter (I'll move on to other projects, e.g. Ace Combat 1, 2, 4, …)

  5. How do you get to visualize the maps with the weather effects like on the pictures seen on this post?